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2023 Project

Project Description

Sparking Hope is currently working to raise money for basic medical supplies for health clinics in the Philippines. The average life expectancy is about 71 years as of 2019. This is significantly below the world average. In addition to this, the life expectancy in poorer regions is nearly 10 years shorter than those of richer areas. This is largely due to the shortage of hospitals and essential medical supplies. 50% of the Philippines population live in the poor rural areas with ill-equipped facilities, faulty medical devices and sometimes no licensed medical professionals. At the local level, the Philippines is organized into 42,000 neighborhoods, or Barangays.  Barangays have Health Centers that provide first aid, maternal, neonatal, and child health, and community-based interventions including immunization clinics for local neighborhoods.  

Sparking Hope will be providing basic medical supplies to a number of Barangay Health Centers across the Philippines to increase the level of heath care at the neighborhood level.


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